Goat & Ewe Hamper

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  • Goats & Ewe Hamper

    Hamper Includes:

    250g Crozier Blue

    250g Wigmore

    250g Spenwood

    250g Harbourne Blue

    Whole Brightwell Ash

    Box of Peters Yard Sourdough Crispbreads


    Crozier Blue:

    A ewe milk blue cheese with a stronger taste than the Cow’s milk Cashel Blue. Crozier Blue is much slower to mature than Cashel Blue® and becomes ready for market at a minimum of 12 weeks. It can be matured for up to 11 months. It has a pleasing creaminess, which can be traced directly to the limestone-rich pastures which the ewes graze.


    Wigmore is named after the cheesemakers themselves, Anne and Andy Wigmore, it is a washed curd semi-soft cheese with a bloomy natural rind with bready aroma. It has a loose, creamy texture. Wigmore has won many Gold Medals at the British Cheese Awards. Some like it young, some like it ripe. It is delicious at both ends of the spectrum but be ready to restrain it when it starts to run.


    Inspired by a pecorino cheese she encountered while visiting the island of Sardinia, Anne Wigmore created Spenwood cheese with a characteristic supple texture and thin natural rind.

    Harbourne Blue:

    A lightly veined blue goats cheese with a light and crumbly texture. Made using the milk of goats farmed at Buckfast on the edge of Dartmoor.

    Brightwell Ash: