Mrs Picklepot Pickled Onions

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  • Mrs Picklepot Pickled Onions

    Classic Pickled Onions

    Pickled onions made from a time honoured traditional recipe, crunchy and tangy.
    Our all time favourites are great served with a Ploughmans, with chips or sliced on a sandwich.

    Pickled onions with balsamic

    Balsamic vinegar adds an earthy and indulgent flavour to silverskin onions.

    These are perfect for a cheeky pick ‘n’ mix supper  in front of the TV or fire.
    Serve with olives, cheeses, chutney and crackers.

    Pickled Onions with Sweet Red Chilli

    For those pickle lovers who like a hint of heat these are perfect.
    Not too hot, promise!

    Eye catching and perfect with a cool beer or dry white before a meal

    Pickled Onions with Garlic Flakes

    For pickled onion fans who like garlic, what could be a better combo.

    An interesting blend of onions and garlic, lovely sliced and sprinkled
    into a salad for a continental vibe, or added to a spag bol.