Spicy Chorizo – Three Little Pigs

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Rare breed pork Chorizo with a little extra spice. The sustainably and ethically farmed rare breed pork is Yorkshire, born and bred.

About Our Supplier

Three Little Pigs rear a rare breed herd of Berkshire pigs on their farm in Kiplingcotes, East Yorkshire.

All the charcuterie pigs have enjoyed the fresh Yorkshire air and the sun on their backs, spending at least part of the time outdoors.
They believe passionately that happy pigs make for better tasting meat, and any pork they source from outside of their farm has to meet the same high ethical and welfare standards they set for their own pigs.

Their award winning charcuterie products have the same love and care devoted to them, being made on their farm by hand and dried in carefully controlled conditions.

Additional Information

Using the finest Yorkshire bred rare breed pork combined with Spanish La Vera Smoked Pimenton and selected herbs and spices, this Spicy Chorizo is finished by hand and dried under carefully controlled conditions.
The pork is trimmed more finely than in European produced sausage, giving the product a smoother texture and fewer chewy bits.
The rare breed pork is of the highest quality and gives our chorizo and salami a distinctive flavour. Chorizo is perfect with crusty bread and a glass of red wine, but it’s also perfect for cooking with.

All the pork comes from pigs that:

  • Are born outdoors
  • Spend early life outdoors in the fresh Yorkshire air
  • Have straw bedded shelters for comfort
  • Have freedom from tail docking, teeth clipping and other unspeakables
  • Have space to enjoy the piggy things in life